Purple Mystic Magic Mushrooms : Purple Mystic Psilocybe Cubensis / Magic Mushroom

Purple Mystics cubensis, originally discovered wild on a 1000-acre cow pasture in East Plant City (Florida), was later cultivated. Black d0voe, the cultivator of Purple Mystics cubensis, believes that they are the most powerful of all the cubensis variety. East Plant City, Florida is where the Purple Mystic psilocybe cubensis was born. According to the original cultivator purple mystics contain a higher level of psilocybin and are therefore more potent than other cubensis types.

East Plant City, Florida is where the Purple Mystic mushroom comes from. According to the original cultivator Purple Mystics contain a higher level of psilocybin and are therefore more potent than other Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms.

Portrayal: The Purple Spiritualist mushroom was initially found wild on a 1000 section of land cow field in East Plant City, Florida. The cultivator, known by the assumed name “Dark d0voe”, accepts they are the most strong of the cubensis mushroom assortments.
Included with each needle buy:.
One 10cc needle loaded up with Purple Spiritualists spores.
One clean 16 measure needle for each needle bought and a liquor prep cushion. *Purple Spiritualists spores are expected for microscopy exploration and scientific classification purposes as it were. Pictures accommodated instructive and instructive reference only*.
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