The Thai Elephant Dung, also known by TED, Thai cubensis or simply the “Elephant Strain”, an exotic Psilocybe cubensis that was naturally derived from Thailand’s elephant excrements, is also known as TED or Thai cubensis.
There are many stories about the origins Thai Elephant Dun mushroom strain. It could be Psilocybe Samuiensis. also known as the Allen Strain. Named in honour John Allen, an ethno-mycologist who discovered the species in water buffalo dung on Kho Samui in 1991.

It could also be due to P., a psychoactive species that loves dung and is common in Thailand. Panaeolus Cyanescens, aka Blue Meanies or Pan. tropicalis. These strains are also known as “zoo doo” because they spread via zoo compost made from elephant and hippopotamus doo.
These stories may leave some mystery surrounding these elephant strains. However, Thai elephant mushrooms grow only on one dung: Thai dung. Thais believe that Thai dung is the “perfect Alchemist” that transforms Thai elephant dung into Thai Elephant Psilocybe Cubensis , the “mushrooms of illumination”.

A few mycologists accept that the substrate can influence the nature of the power. This is particularly obvious in Thailand, where Ganesha, an elephant-headed Hindu divine force of beginning things, is venerated. This might have added to Thai Elephant Excrement mushroom strains being somewhat more celebrated.

Thailand is known as “the place where there is grins”, and has a long history of sorcery mushroom the travel industry. It was normal for cafés to offer P. Subcubensis omelets and shakes
The Thai locals referred to it as “hed”, and that signifies “mushroom that shows up after water bison craps”. This was a direct result of the unfamiliar interest in developing psychoactive strains. Obviously Elephant Compost mushrooms are famous in view of their fascinating substrate.

The Thai Elephant Dun Strain today has brought forth sub-strain relatives like the Koh Samui super strain, otherwise known as KSSS, and the Thai Boycott Huan sorcery mushrooms.
Numerous Thai strains are appropriate for microdosing in light of the fact that they have moderate to high strength. You can get familiar with the many advantages of strains by visiting our segments on execution or prosperity.

Many surveys of Thai Elephant Manure mushrooms report an extraordinary, euphoric experience. There is a speedy and strong ascent, yet heaps of giggling and an extraordinary luminosity that makes it beneficial. The psilocybin level is impacted by the healthful nature of elephant excrement substrates. To this end the Thai cubensis strength is by all accounts high.

The Thai Manure Elephant is a strong and quickly developing strain that is impervious to tainting. It’s a well known decision for cultivators.
You are accounted for to have the option to feel “exciting” and have solid psychoactivity. This implies you ought to be ready to leave on an astonishing excursion of self-revelation and give up to the otherworldly powers of Ganesh’s waste.